Another preview of Tall Ships - Age of Sail v2.0 running on the Apple iPad

The changes we made go into both the iPad and iPhone/iPod touch models and I think makes the whole game much more usable. Gone is the on-screen rudder control and the accelerometer controlled view changes. Steering is now through left and right tilt of the device, the view is fixed with on screen visual cues to help the player find the enemy ships. We added a gesture based control to raise and lower the view. So, the only device tilting is left and right and you do not need to tilt it very far. With a device the size of the iPad, I decided to have no front to back tilting.

The resolution of the iPad is over twice that of the iPhone. We gave begun the process of upgrading the ship models to make use of the greater resolution. Notice the rigging on some of the ships.

Compare these images to the original iPad video where the product was not running as a native iPad app.

Tall Ships - Age of Sail v2.0 will be released as a Universal Binary so your one paid copy will run on all your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch devices. Look for it in the iTunes App store shortly after the iPad launch.

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