Red Rover - The War to End All Wars

I have two great teenage boys and we love going out to dinner. As with many other kids, the boys sometime get restless waiting for the food or the check to arrive. This lead me to create a game designed to keep two people busy for short periods of time. Red Rover - The War to End all Wars is that game.

The Red Rover concept allows two players using one iPad to engage each other in a head-to-head battle. In this case, the battlefield roughly represents something you would have seen in World War I. I wanted the game to be simple in concept, but still have complex strategies.

The design of each play piece gives the game a very unique flavor. No one piece is dominant. Each piece has specific strengths and weaknesses. I won't go into detail here on strategies, but my youngest son keeps coming up with something new to keep him firmly in the lead in the win/loss ratio!

While developing Red Rover, one of the hardest design requirements to keep on top was limiting the play time of a single game to three to five minutes. We jostled around numerous ideas that may have been fun, but could have driven game play into the ten to 30 minute arena.

All in all we are very happy with the outcome.

Thanks to all our customers and please enjoy playing Red Rover - The War to End All Wars!

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