Red Rover - The War to End All Wars

I have two great teenage boys and we love going out to dinner. As with many other kids, the boys sometime get restless waiting for the food or the check to arrive. This lead me to create a game designed to keep two people busy for short periods of time. Red Rover - The War to End all Wars is that game.

The Red Rover concept allows two players using one iPad to engage each other in a head-to-head battle. In this case, the battlefield roughly represents something you would have seen in World War I. I wanted the game to be simple in concept, but still have complex strategies.

Japanese Spinning Lamp

Wow, what a great time we had developing our latest iPad app, The Japanese Spinning Lamp .

We were contacted by Andrew Gomez, owner of TCM: Studio, back in May about collaborating on a "great app idea". Now, let me say right off the bat that folks come to me almost everyday with "great app ideas", so it was with some reluctance that I listened to yet another idea - especially one for which I had to sign an NDA prior to having the conversation.

Mantid Interactive on

Here is a story on Tall Ships - Age of Sail 2.0 on They found us all huddled around our new iPads outside the Keystone Apple Store on the iPad launch day. We had a great time bringing up Tall Ships on a real iPad for the first time right before their eyes!

Mantid Interactive on Inside Indiana Business

Here is an interview with me on Inside Indiana Business.

Another preview of Tall Ships - Age of Sail v2.0 running on the Apple iPad

The changes we made go into both the iPad and iPhone/iPod touch models and I think makes the whole game much more usable. Gone is the on-screen rudder control and the accelerometer controlled view changes. Steering is now through left and right tilt of the device, the view is fixed with on screen visual cues to help the player find the enemy ships. We added a gesture based control to raise and lower the view. So, the only device tilting is left and right and you do not need to tilt it very far. With a device the size of the iPad, I decided to have no front to back tilting.

Tall Ships - Age of Sail on the Apple iPad

Here is what Tall Ships - Age of Sail would look like if you ran it on the Apple iPad. In 2X mode, it does not look all that great.

As part of version 2.0, we will be adding native support for the increased screen resolution. We will not know if the Apple A4 processor will be capable of rendering the game at the native resolution until we get the actual hardware in house

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